How do you find collaborative projects and partners?

How can you extend your connections to a global level?

Our Project Partners

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Sources for Collaborative Projects and Partners

1. Global Schoolhouse - Original virtual meeting place where
educators, students, parents and community members can collaborate, interact, develop, publish and discover learning resources.

2. Friendship Through Education - A consortium of organizations committed to creating opportunities that facilitate interactions between youth worldwide.

3. Technospud Projects – Calendar of 2006-07 planned online projects.

4. The Journey North – A global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.

5. VC K20 Initiative – Searchable list of collaborative projects through Internet2 K20Initiative.

6. Center for Interactive Learning - A Collaboration center for posting projects and finding partners.

7. Discovery Educator Network – Online network of educators, project collaborations and resources.

8. The Connected Classroom - Find homegrown projects designed by teachers for teachers or locate projects and partners from around the world.

9. Taking IT Global

Additional Collaborative Project Opportunities

Starflight – Help plan the route for a flight across America in 2008

The National Math Trail - A project for students to discover and share the math that exists in their own environments

My Educator Networks for Developing Global Projects and Partnerships

View my page on //Classroom 2.0//


View my page on //TechnospudProjects//

Visit //The Global Education Collaborative//

SIGIVC International Committee Wiki - a group ccreted to promote and assist ISTE members to collabborate with international locations All users are encouraged to help add to the wiki with contact information for partners, examples of best practice and project ideas.