Digital Images and Storytelling

So where do you start? With Pictures, of Course!

Start by taking your own images, upload them to a site for hosting and sharing images, and then have fun using images.

You can use your own images or search Creative Commons for images under a Creative Commons license to use. You can use flickr, yahoo images, and google images to find Creative Commons images to use.

Where to Find Copyright-free Pictures (and some clipart) on the Web

Image Hosting and Sharing

Free Photo Hosting

Where can I put MY photos on line. PLEASE can only HOST photos that you have taken. If you have downloaded this pictures from somewhere else, be sure you are following all rules of copyright and fairuse
  • Photobucket - one of the most popular image hosting services around, favorite amongst MySpace users. Makes it very easy to post your images to social networking sites; gives you 25 GB of monthly traffic and 1 GB of storage with images themselves being up to 1 MB in size.
  • AllYouCanUpload- There is no limit to the image size you can upload. You can also upload up to three images in the same time.
  • ImageHosting - Upload multiple pictures at one time. The maximum filesize you can upload depends on what account you registered.
  • TinyPic - Upload pictures and videos and embed them anywhere. The direct link for your picture or video will be tiny (e.g.
  • - Upload pictures straight from your browser and host them online. 1 GB monthly data transfer.
  • ImageVenue - You can upload up to five images in the same moment. The maximum file size allowed is 1.5 MB.
  • ImageCross - Free MySpace image hosting. You can upload images up to 2 MB in size.
  • SmugMug - SmugMug is a photo uploader, editor, and community portal all in one. You can upload and share your photos, then store the photos with up to four backup copies of each photo in three varying states.
  • Flickr- Store photos and share with everyone! Get a badge and put them onto your blog or wiki!
  • Photocastr- Search Flickr using keywords to find photos. Pull them right into iphoto!
  • Adrive- store up to 50 Gigs FREE!

Photo Sharing:

  • Flickr - The most popular photo sharing site. Upload photos, create sets and join one of the greatest communities of professional and unprofessional photographers. Once your photos are uploaded to Flickr, there is no need to upload again and you can use the URL provided for different sizes for other applications as well
  • Picasa - Google’s answer to photo sharing. The main application is a download, but there are also web albums.
  • Invitr - Invitr is a Flickr related application which simply extends your sharing capabilities. With Invitr you can share your Flickr photos with non-Flickr members; so photos that have been categorized as private can now be sent and shared with anyone you choose.
  • Snappages - provides space for you to save and organize your photos, your online friends from virtual communities, and your events in one well-designed web page. It combines various web concepts, including online storage, file sharing, and Facebook-style friend communication.
  • fotoflexor
  • Photocastr- Search Flickr using keywords to find photos. Pull them right into iphoto!
  • Adrive- store up to 50 Gigs FREE!
  • More Online Photo Sharing Services

Have Images You Want? Now it's time to PLAY with them!

Photo Editors

  • Photoshop Express, Offers one-click editing tools….The service also integrates with a number of photo-sharing websites, enabling you to push and pull photos from Facebook, Photobucket and Picasa, and eventually, Flickr.
  • Lunapic Web based image editor. Great effecs and animations.
  • Picnik - Web based Photo editor
  • Phixr
  • FotoFlexer - mini-mini version of photoshop- online free!
  • SplashUp
  • -Bring in your photos to create a stained glass collage!
  • Gimp- Similar to photoshop, but free! install required
  • Snipshot- Crop a picture. Very Simple!
  • Get creative with your photos
  • SlideRoll- Pull your photos right from flickr and create a professional looking slide show
  • Gimp Shop This is an image editing tool very similar to PhotoShop, however, it is
  • only available in Windows.

Video Editors

Digital Media Resources

Media Tools

Digital Storytelling


Windows Movie Maker
Microsoft's "How To Use" Guide
Atomic Learning videos

Make movies online using Jumpcut .

Tutorial for iMovie and MovieMaker.
iMovie at a Glance" manual
Apple's iMovie manuals website

Photo Story- Microsofts free version for digital images.

Myths and Legends Animated story creation application. Create stories in chapters with animated characters and sound.

GimpShop tutorial (download the FREE software from
More GimpShop tutorials

Planning your movie

Ricky Okazaki from the University of Hawaii has a great Guide to Storyboarding (planning your movie).


Storyboarding is the first step in creating a movie. It doesn't matter if you are using iMovie, Moviemaker, or FInal Cut Pro. Every director needs to organize their ideas onto paper in a sequence of events. Here are some ideas you can use to help you storyboard:

Online Storytelling Application

Here are some FREE open source software you can use to help storyboard!

The old pencil and Paper Method- PDF Templates of storyboards
external image pdf.png storyboard1.pdf- Courtesy of
external image pdf.png storyboard2.pdf - Courtesy of
external image pdf.png storyboard3.pdf - Courtesy of storyboard4.pdf - Courtesy of

Free Graphic Organizer Software

Inspiration is a software where students can flow chart or map their ideas. You can get a 30day free trial at but you'll have to pay to continue their service.
Tutorial Site

Powerpoint is on the microsoft office suite and is a great way to use as a storyboard. you can even create a template file to give your kids ready fort hem to fill in the blanks.
PowerPoint in the Classroom Tutorial

Appleworks Presentation
Tutorial Site
Works like powerpoint.

Digital Storytelling


Jakes Online Collection
Use “kits” to save time and keeps students focused.
Library of Congress
National Archives (for teachers by teachers)
David Jakes has tutorials and solid color slides at
Find picture sets on Flickr and Picasa. Look/search for Creative Commons licensed pix that you can use freely.
“Free” music isn’t free outside the classroom (even at board meetings!):
This is a web 2.0 tool that lets you build and format your own virtual tours.
This is what they have to say about themselves
” Mapwing makes it easy to build, share, and explore virtual tours. Use Mapwing to turn your digital photos into virtual tours that include interactive maps, images, and comments.
This is an easy to use tool, which allows you to develop a timeline which you can either link to
or embed as an iframe
OurStory is another similar tool - this one is a little more personal use focused but still useful.

Copyright & Fair Use on the Web

For more information regarding Copyright & Fair Use, go to:

*Photo Hosting and Photo Sharing Information from KHokanson on her Connected Classroom Wiki