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eTrips Webcasts Live Telecasts
Virtual Field Trips Distance Education Distance Learning

Great Sites for Finding eField Trips

1. - Science and Social Studies topics
2. NW Wisconsin IU - Over 170 Sites
3. SBC - The "Yellow Pages" of Videoconferencing!
4. Tramline - Across all curriculum areas – Science focus
5. Ball State University - Six scheduled trips each year
6. Videoconferencing Links– List of Videoconferencing Directories
7. Apple Learning Exchange – 72 Virtual Field Trips and 31 Digital Documentaries
8. PDE Webinars- Authors and Illustrators
9. TWICE – List of content providers
10.CILC– One-stop shopping for videoconferencing

Great Listserv’s for Hearing About eField Trips

1. **TWICE listserv**
2. **CILC Membership**
3. **K-12 Videoconferencing**
4. **SBC Listserv**
5. **eField Trip News**
6. **Internet2 K20 Initiative**

Great Sites for Collaborative Projects

1. Global Schoolhouse - Original virtual meeting place where
educators, students, parents and community members can collaborate, interact, develop, publish and discover learning resources.

2. Friendship Through Education - A consortium of organizations committed to creating opportunities that facilitate interactions between youth worldwide.
3. Technospud Projects – Calendar of 2006-07 planned online projects.
4. Starflight – Help plan the route for a flight across America in 2007.
5. The National Math Trail - A project for students to discover and share the math that exists in their own environments.
6. The Journey North – A global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.
7. VC K20 Initiative – Searchable list of collaborative projects through Internet2 K20Initiative.
8. Center for Interactive Learning - A Collaboration center for posting projects and finding partners.
9. Discovery Educator Network – Online network of educators, project collaborations and resources.
10. The Connected Classroom - Find homegrown projects designed by teachers for teachers or locate projects and partners from around the world.

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