Videoconferencing Checklist

Participating School Contact /Coordinator:
  • Communicate videoconference information to participating teachers and students.
  • Before the videoconference, teachers should discuss videoconference topic with students.
  • Before the videoconference, students should prepare possible questions to ask presenter during question and answer session.

Technical Contact/Support
  • Send school’s IP address to VVS Media Tech, Warwick Burns at or leave on studio phone (615) 343-1018.
  • Schedule a TEST CALL once each semester to be “certified”.
  • Always do an authentic test call with the same equipment and the same IP address as you will use for the actual videoconference connection.
  • Check audio, video, and connectivity quality during the test call!
  • If anything changes on your network (such as new equipment or new firewall), TEST CALL again!
  • Provide all contact information so Virtual School can contact you if there are problems during the test call or videoconference. Info should include cell phone; videoconference room phone; distance learning room phone; office phone; and email addresses along with the names of contacts.
  • Plan to connect 15-20 minutes before the videoconference.
  • Be available to troubleshoot, if needed, during the videoconference connection.
  • Call the Virtual School at (615) 343-1018 if there are ANY problems during the videoconference.
Room Set-up
  • Make sure ALL participants can see the monitor and be heard.
  • Frame a picture of participants that is not too close or too far away.
  • Set up several camera pre-sets to use during question and answer period.
  • MUTE your microphone when the presenter is speaking.

Online Webconferencing and Voice over IP

There are many options for connecting your classroom using audio and/or video... is a web conference system for up to 24 users for 24/7. (We have a pro account option menu.) Only a meeting host user needs to create a user account. Other members can join the meeting by web browser without registration or login. It's so easy.

Schedule your own video sessions with others and transfer control to others to see their video.
Upload your presentations for sharing with others.

Net Meeting is a FREE Microsoft download which enables web conferencing between multiple users. It has both chat and video capabilities in addition to the ability to share documents and files of all types.

Let's try NetMeeting. msword.png[[space/showimage/Net Meeting.doc| Net Meeting.doc]]

Skype is a peer-to-peer voice over internet network. Skype users can speak to other Skype users for free, call traditional telephone numbers for a fee and receive calls from traditional phones making this a versatile method of synchronouse and asynchronous communication. Recording a Skype Interview.

YackPack YackPack can quickly improve educational communication. Motivate students, give quality feedback with ease and communicate clearly with students

Vyew FREE browser based collaboration and live conferencing program. It includes whiteboard that allows for shared viewing of: files and documents of all types, as well as real-time desktop sharing and screen capturing, text-chat and teleconferencing.

YUGMA You get web conferencing and desktop sharing for free, AND you can invite up to 10 other people. Yugma Skype edition enables you to easily invite your Skype contacts to conference.

MeBeam Free instant online videoconferencing tool. No ability to record.

ELLUMINATE vroom Elluminate offers a smaller room you can host a conference for up to 3.

TALKSHOE TalkShoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join, or listen to Live Interactive Discussions, Conversations, Podcasts
and Audioblogs. eLluminate

Sightspeed Live video chat


OpenACircle Create a circle. Invite some people. Work together. Share files, images, video. Plan, schedule, videoconference.

Ustream A live, interactive broadcast platform that lets anyone with a camera and internet connection broadcast to the world.

Operator 11

Coveritlive CoveritLive's web based software takes your next live blog to a new level. Your commentary publishes in real time like an instant message. Our ‘one-click’ publishing lets you drop polls, videos, pictures, ads and audio clips as soon as they come to mind. Comments and questions from your readers instantly appear but you control what gets published.

Chatmaker enables you to create simple private exchange points called "drops."

ooVoo a remarkably easy way to have a face-to-face video chat with friends, family or colleagues, no matter where they are in the world.

Twiddla A web-based meetig playground. Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Browse the web with your friends or make that conference call more productive than ever. No plug-ins, downloads. Invite people to collaborate.

vSee Low bandwidth videoconferening and application sharing for PC.

fonomo Simple easy to use in beta videoconferencing tool. Select from private chat or public webcam. Invite others to join you through email or url.