Did you go on a real field trip this year?

Where? Why? Benefits?


What exactly is a Virtual Field Trip?

Why Virtual Field Trips?

Select a link below to review and discover several benefits.

Rationale for Videoconferencing

Field Trips Enhance Learning

Take a look at some examples of virtual field trips.

What makes a quality eField trip?

BCSID Teacher's Choice Awards

TWICE Quality Indicators

Vanderbilt Virtual School Evaluation

Lessons Learned from CILC

Kathy Schrock's Virtual Tour Evaluation Guide

Technical Know-How

How to Connect and Technical Requirements

Connecting to virtual field trips can be done using a variety of different methods.


Check the technical requirements to make sure you have the necessary updated plug-in's for connecting to a virtual field trip.

Comparison of Virtual vs. Real Life Field Trips

  • Visit sites you want to visit
  • Connect to the curriculum
  • Timing of trip is within scope of curricular study
  • Primary source experiences
  • Actively engage students both mentally and physically
  • Incidental learning occurs
  • Available human resources contribute to success
  • Supplemental activities enhance the visit

Integrating eField Trips into the Curriculum

  • Select a Curricular Unit
  • Identify a Purpose
  • Consider Multiple Goals and Objectives
  • Search for Related eField Trip Programs
  • Evaluate Potential

Guidelines for Making it Work

Use these checklists and planning guides to make your virtual field trips and videoconferencing experiences successful.

Checklist and Planning Guide

Advance Preparation

Preparing Students


Other Ways to Connect

There are many other options for connecting your classroom...

Net Meeting
is a FREE Microsoft download which enables web conferencing between multiple users. It has both chat and video capabilities in addition to the ability to share documents and files of all types.

Let's try NetMeeting.

Skype is a peer-to-peer voice over internet network. Skype users can speak to other Skype users for free, call traditional telephone numbers for a fee and receive calls from traditional phones making this a versatile method of synchronouse and asynchronous communication.

Vyew FREE browser based collaboration and live conferencing program. It includes whiteboard that allows for shared viewing of: files and documents of all types, as well as real-time desktop sharing and screen capturing, text-chat and teleconferencing.

YUGMA You get web conferencing and desktop sharing for free, AND you can invite up to 10 other people.

ELLUMINATE vroom Elluminate offers a smaller room you can host a conference for up to 3.

TALKSHOE TalkShoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join, or listen to Live Interactive Discussions, Conversations, Podcasts
and Audioblogs.

Links from Kristin Hokanson's Connected Classroom presentation at PETE&C 2007.