Voices of the World

Voices Of The World was created by Sharon Tonner to connect children from around the world using their voices rather than the standard text and images and prepare them for their global future.

November's Project

For our first project students participated in was the singing of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Listen to them sing...

Then visit the project wikispace to hear all of the participating students from across the world sing...Voices Of The World Wikispace

December's Project

In December the entire school particpated in the project by singing Jingle Bells.

February's Project

In February, one of our Kindergarten classes participated in the project, sharing their love of numbers.

March's Project

In March, another one of our kindergartenclasses participated in the project, sharing their knowledge of the days of the week.

May's Project

Listen to us say goodbye to all of our new friends in all of our different languages!